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Water cycle, simplified
Red sprite, blue jet and elve
Cloud types
Global Ocean Conveyor Belt

Dendritic Drainage
Baymouth Bar
Pollution and Reclamation
Effects of humans on water quality

Geologic setting of the Amon Basin area
Shield volcano
Glen Canyon flooding
Strombolian eruption

Geologic History Amon Basin Sequence
Amon Geologic History Detail1
River Flooding

Amon detail 2a
Amon detail 3
Amon detail 4
Amon detail 5

Future U.S. coastlines
Grouper Moon (book cover)
Grouper Moon - detail
3D map of coral reef dive site

Nurse shark feeding behavior
Queen parrotfish mucous cocoon
Grouper Moon - detail
Rock cycle - convergent boundary

Conch Shell
Magnetic reversals, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Closed Basin - Andes

Coral Life Cycle
Stream profile
Mid-Ocean Ridge Magnetics
Discharge rate of aquifers

Juan de Fuca Plate
Weathering/Rock Types
Geologic History of the Pacific Northw...
Monterey Bay

Geologic History of the PNW - 2
Geologic History of the PNW - detail
Sedimentary basins
NOAA's DART System

Volcanic Eruption
Folded Mountains
Submarine Landslide
Geologic History of the PNW - detail 2

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