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Butterflies of the Sea
Cattail Chorus Sign
Cattail Chorus
Coyote Ridge Sign

Dinosaur Dawn
A Time for Slime
Eyes in the Forest
Jurassic Flood

Tarpit Rendezvous
Angry Mamasaur
Cretaceous seascape
Cretaceous Firestorm

Ordovician Endings
Green Forest
Eocene Eden
Oligocene Dirk-toothed Cat

Fossil Creek Wetlands
Human embryology
Magpie Meander

Milkweed Universe
Tiger Salamander
Ghosts of Baculite Mesa
Mallard's Nest Natural Area

Lost Permian World
Prairie Dogs
Redtail Grove
Pterosaur Roost

Pelican Marsh
Evolution: saur to soar
Tasmanian Wolf
Arthur Lakes

Ice Nucleation
Gateway Natural Area
Magpie Meander Natural Area
Megafaunal Ghosts

Springer Natural Area
TMJ Brochure cover
Ghost Predator
Malaysian bulbul

Dandelion wine
Loren Eiseley with Folsom Point discov...
Solar-powered sea slug
A plague of locusts

The lotus effect
Monotis shells
Sciurus niger
Avocado flowers

Beetle Potpourri
Swallowtails In the parsley patch
Silurian sunset
Ammonite Nursery

Climbing ants
Jurassic Interface
Slug Intimacy

Assassin bug
Corydalis aurea
Lynn Margulis
Robert Koch & TB bacilli

A Soil Ecosystem
Resurrection from permafrost
The View From a Throne in Dinosaur Cou...
Venus Flytrap

Edestus heinrichi
Edestus newtoni
Hooded Mergansers
Common Merganser

Dancing grebes
Western Meadowlark
Bald Eagle and Mallard
Green sunfish

Yellow warbler on cottonwood branch
Dragons in a Carbon Forest
Fire, Ice and Slime
Homestead Natural Area

The Aeolian Zone
Bison priscus
Alexander Von Humboldt
Slime mold universe

Syrphid fly
Ant Plant Liaison
Crab Spider, Mecaphesa dubia

Early Earth, Mega Moon

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