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Orb web spider
Eastern Chipmunk
Mother weasel nursing kits

Virginia Opossum
Old Field Habitat
Iris and bumblebees

Black Bear
Bullfrog and Little Grass Frog
Endemic New Zealand Birds
Attaching tag to anesthetized stoat

Weasel Molt Cycle
Pitcher Plants
Lakes, boulders and cliffs

Howling to Wolves
Newfoundland Dog in Harness
Red Fox
Diamondback Terrapin in a salt marsh

Short tailed weasel chasing a rabbit
Black Rat Snakes

Black bear cub
Picking apples
Stoats fighting

Red squirrel foraging from sapsucker h...
Downy Woodpecker
Longtailed weasel in the snow
Juvenile red snapper in a salt marsh

Old Dog
Red Spotted Newt
Hemlock forest

Red Squirrel field sketches
Autumn Wren
Aster, sketchjournal
Hooded Peregrine

Rosemary and Lily; sketch journal
Peregrine Nest Scrape
Juvenile Peregrine Falcon
Peregrine Family

Vulture Heads
Coral-root Orchid

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