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Woolly Mammoth on the Move
Columbian Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth
The last of the herd

Mammoth Herd
Bison latifrons
Pleistocene Horse
Elk Meadow

Clovis hunters stalk Bison latifrons
Mastodons in the Rockies

Sabertooth cat stretching
Dinictis squalidens- sabertooth cat
Sabertooth cat studies
Harlan's Ground Sloth

Megaloceros with man
Megaloceros bulls fighting
Late Devonian Swamp

Flora and Fauna of the alpine tundra
Montane-Riparian Ecosystem
Ponderosa forest ecosystem

Flora and Fauna of the Colorado Scrubl...
Echo Lake
Beaver Pond
Bear Creek Lake

Summit Lake
Pinus ponderosa needles

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