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The bacterial motor: Form and function
Breaching the blood-brain barrier
Inquisitive ant
Bacterial ballet

Tetrahymena snags a meal
HIV: A deadly invasion
Swimming ciliate
Pyramidal neuron

Time-stamped brain
Overcoming jet lag
Structure of the Cascade complex
Online cover illustrations for AAAS jo...

Life span: Effect of the opposite sex
Treating advanced atherosclerosis
Vaccine-related narcolepsy
Regenerative medicine with optogenetic...

Ctenophore genome: Clues to animal evo...
Antibiotic route to the cochlea
Obesity and breast cancer risk
Growth hormone receptor activation

Robotic leg anatomy
Therapeutic opportunity in sepsis
Fibrosis-mediating integrin
Sensing mechanical stretch

Sympathetic vasoconstriction model
L-arginine and bacterial virulence
Improving HER2-positive cancer therapy
fMRI in drug evaluation

Reprogramming and metaplasia in the pa...
Reprogramming and metaplasia in the st...
Cells of innate and adaptive immune sy...
Immune cell development

Dual role for mitotic checkpoint protein
I spy! (A type of T cell)
Activation of brain olfactory receptors
Role of tumor cell fusion in metastasis

Sickle cell allele and malaria
Drug development process
Generating an antagonist cytokine
Minimalist Y chromosome

Evolutionary pressure on protein abund...
Regulation of microRNA biogenesis
microRNA- and cancer-linked mutations
Analyzing posttranslational modificati...

Signaling in natural killer cell cytot...
Stem cells in epithelia
Signaling in stemness
Cover illustrations created for JGP

Reconstituting cell dynamics
Limiting bone breakdown
Targeting a signaling molecule in sepsis
Engineering heart repair

Conserved innate immune mechanisms
PARP1 function and inhibition
Checkpoint blockade and radiotherapy s...
Understanding calcium wave propagation

Gene therapy in the mouse eye
Human eye cross section
Island cell neurons and memory
Stages of parturition and fetal develo...

Plant and animal cell comparison
Viral cross sections
Viral life cycles
Zika virus life cycle

Cell and organism cards
Effects of West Nile virus
Stickleback fish

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