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Atta cephalotes Leaf Cutter Ant
There is a Beetle on my iPad
anatomy & physiology self portrait

Butterfly Metamorphosis
Whales models at 1/20 scale Cabrillo M...
Minke Whale Sculpture / life size

Titanosaur Embryo
Tyrannosaurus Rex
The Black Rainbow
Hunting Mosasaurs

Pteranodon sternbergi
Smilodon -- Sabertooth Cat Skull

The right whale to hunt
Rabbit hot seat
Iggy the Iguanodon

Dreams of Flight
Water drops
Japan Motif
Tylosaurus mosasaur with Water

Bowling Dino
An Artist Eye
Shark turn around
Fooling insects

The Future of MDA
Manatee's for clean water
Gold pressure
Glove no Love

We Surrender
Melting balloons
Beaver Skull

Canine Development
Canine eye muscle
Curator's Potluck

Whale Evolution
the change
Australopithecus boisei

Modern Mike
Canine Optics
River dolphins nowhere to hide

Insect migration
Sea life going into the light
Dolphin soccer
Harpy eagle sculpture

Watercolor of Parasaurolopus
Let's take a break I have a tooth...
Terell the T-Rex & Compy

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