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How does this service attract viewers and potential clients?

We use the low cost methods of internet search engines, and limited advertising in illustration annuals. This allows us to offer you a great rate for using our service. Future promotions will involve targeted mail campaigns, and cross listing on other web sites.

Will my name be given to others?

No. Our membership list and client list will not be sold or given away. Visitors who sign up for the E-Letter (a brief e-mail newsletter with links to information about science, medical, and nature images) will also not have to worry either. We may occasionally pass along interesting information from other commercial entities to you through the E-Letter, but not often and not to excess. We value our clients and visitors. Participants are in the site to publish their services. So we will happily recommend to interested clients and visitors the information you publish on the site. Your business information will be accessible to others, that's what you are paying for.

Can I use a credit card to purchase this service?

Yes! You may pay for a year's subscription or other services though http://www.paypal.com. PayPal is a global organization allowing you to transfer money in a number of countries. You can quickly establish an account on-line and transfer money to other members from your checking or credit card accounts. Visit the Service Cost page to find links that will speed the PayPal payment process. If you do not want to use that PayPal on-line service, you may send a check. See the Service Cost page for details.

I lost my member Username and Password. How can I get these?

Visit our "Retrieve Login Information" utility (on this page, at bottom right) and enter your e-mail address. It must be the same as the one listed in your account information. The information will be sent to your e-mail address within a few minutes. If you have made the mistake of changing your e-mail address before modifying your Membership data from the old address, please contact Support for identity verification and further help.

Contact multiple illustators through Science-Art.com

You must register with the site with a lightbox account (Free, Simple). Register a Lightbox account here. Confirm your registration through email reply.

You must be logged in to use any of these methods.

Method 1:

  • Use the advanced search feature at the top of the home page. Search for the subject matter that is like the kind you want.
  • On the results page is a button above the results that says "Prep Multi-User Contact" All the images in your results will be selected and placed in a contact form. Scroll to the bottom. Fill out the information, and hit Send. Images from the same artist are collated, and only one message for each artist is sent.

Method 2:

  • Add images to your lightbox using the + sign on each image.
  • Review the content of a lightbox : Go to My Lightboxes, click on the box of interest to see its content.
  • Use the selection tools to pick images you want to contact artists about
  • Click the "Send Email to Selected Artists" button.
  • Fill out form, send the email.

Method 3:

  • Contact all artists regardless of interest from the "Contact Us" button at the top of every page. There is an ALL option on the Artist selection pop down (It appears once you are registered and logged in).
  • Use it judiciously...

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