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To use the services of Science-Art.com you need to have an e-mail address. Normally you receive at least one e-mail address account when you sign up for internet services with an ISP (Internet Service Provider.) But even if you don't have an ISP, you can get an e-mail address - as long as you can access the internet at some location.

Web based e-mail accounts are available from many web sites, often for free. If you can gain access to a web browser on an internet connected computer, the local library, a friend's house, work, or at a local computer shop, you can have web-based e-mail. The catch is you have to remember your password to access your account, look at their advertising while you check your e-mail, and e-mail you send out has a little tag at the end advertising the company's web site.

To learn more about the world of free and low cost web based messaging services, including e-mail, fax, and voice, check out http://www.emailaddresses.com. They have a comprehensive list of worldwide services.

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