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There are a few requirements, rules of the road if you will, when you join Science-Art.com.

  • The participant must be authorized by the legal owner or applicable copyright laws to post all images for purposes of reuse sales or for promotional purposes.
  • All images posted on the site by an "Individual" member must be created by a single artist. Corporate and Artist Rep. members may present the art of more than one artist. Corporate and Artist Rep. is defined as presentation of art by more than one artist. The "Corporate" membership fee will be required of those presenting the art of more than one artist. See the Service Cost page for details.
  • You may load images as soon as you sign up. But they will not be visible on the Web, only in your private edit area, until you send payment for the service.
  • Each image you load will be reviewed to ensure the Site continues to contain material of the appropriate subject matter, and is subject to editing by the reviewer to ensure best presentation.
  • The purpose of a site such as this is to encourage potential customers to consider use of your art. A common practice in sites like this is to grant use of your web images for project development purposes. This will be the case with all images you post here, unless it is clearly marked as unavailable for reuse (there is a field for this in the entry form). Please read the Image Usage Agreement for more details.
  • You agree to hold Science-Art.com and all its parent companies or subsidiaries, harmless for any loss incurred through the use of Science-Art.com. The service is provided on an "as is" basis.
  • You are of legal age to sign contracts in your own name.

There are a few requirements when you join Science-Art's Lightbox service.

  • Images on Science-Art.Com belong to their creators and copyright holders. They are not free for reuse without permission.
  • Only images without sale restrictions may be used for internal company deliberations, comps for clients, and browsing. All other uses are prohibited. If you want to use the images in any other way, contact the image owner.
  • Images tagged as "portfolio" are not for resale or reuse. Check the area below the image on the image detail page for status.
  • Any artwork created from these images, or based on these images (derivative art) must be approved by the image owner and appropriate compensation give for them.
  • The use of Science-Art.Com and Medical-Art.Com are provided on an "as is" basis and should not be relied upon when making decisions with monetary consequences. All technical, legal, and copyright issues and concerns are the responsibility of the artists/participants.
  • Review all the nitty gritty language on the Image Use Agreement page.

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